Monday, May 15, 2006

The City Gardener #6

Here is a good final send-off, the last of my city garden, for now anyway. While D and I are leave for our epic voyage (locations yet to be disclosed), my mother will be taking the reins around here. Ever so nice to fly in from Chicago, mom will hold down the fort, care for the kitty parade, enjoy the garden bounty, nurse ailing orchids, and delve into whatever other household matters she may care to cover (I overheard a rumor about a stove cleaning).

So here it is. The picture of my inability to rush Mother Nature and my cornucopia of lettuce. Holding a purgatory of semi-stale growth we have lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and Swiss chard—actually, the radishes are doing quite nicely (background), and will hopefully hold out for my return. And though I previously mentioned being fearful of planting more tomatoes, maybe I can keep the odd 80-year-old-purple-haired predator away upon my return— electric fence?

So here you see it and soon neither you nor I will. As my mother has no digital camera, I cannot ask her to keep up the photo montage-- the camera will be in my hands. Her task is to eat and enjoy the freshness of my labors.

The City Gardener will be up and running in three weeks time. Until then… I ask you to hold out for the odd reports from abroad.

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