Sunday, April 02, 2006

The City Gardener

We give up a lot living in the city: clean air and lungs, vast spans of land to mow, a little piece of nature... Of course, city living has its benefits and this is why we choose to live here. But whenever I leave the city I am quick to stop at all roadside produce carts, cheese farms, pick-your-own farms, or gaze longingly at gardens in their prime, be it on balconies or backyards, overflowing with freshness. I pout and realize, this is what I have given up!

It is a near oxymoron when a city dweller mentions putting care into a garden. But this is the year to prove that us city dwellers can grow green too! Hide no longer and be proud of that bucket of beans on your fire escape, the solitary tomato perched precariously on your windowsill, or your bucket of arugula hiding casually on your stoop. I am calling to arms The City Gardener.

I am forcing notice on my petite city garden and will post updates throughout the growing season. If any other city gardeners care to join in the occasion, by all means, keep track of your garden progress. You can send me your link, I'll throw it up with my updates, and we'll create a little city garden network.

With some advice from the Ms. Farm Girl, I have ordered my seeds from My radishes, arugula, lettuce assortment and beets should be arriving any day now. Until then, I have brought you my semi-happy windowsill herb garden.

Left to right: apple-mint, pineapple-sage, rosemary, basil and dill. Why Ms. Basil and Senior Dill have decided to be a no-show while all their friends happily thrive? I do not know (I even rotate them so they all receive equal light. Also, what’s the deal with my fruit herbs? I bought them thinking the names were oh so cute, but… they really do have hints of apple and pineapple?!

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