Friday, November 11, 2005

Pork Chops stuffed w/ Chorizo and side of Broccoli Rabe

On a recent celebratory dinner, D, C and I went to Angus. A slightly hidden treasure in Times Square, it is an oasis in the swarms of tourists. It is where you can overhear producers discuss their upcoming musical, where you can find the washed-up actor enjoying a dinner alone at the bar, and where every meal will be perfectly served to you, possibly by the next Broadway star with a hint of attitude. Every morsel I have had there is superb-- from brunch through desserts. They know how to make a martini, as well as provide an ample mini-carafe of wine when ordered.

So with a musically inclined item to celebrate, I was escorted by two men to a cozy table on the first floor near the wall of windows, overlooking the "Phantom" marquee. Working through the day, we had neglected food, so this was also a celebration to break the fast. I ordered the small appetizer-size of mussels in a white wine cream sauce with bacon and peas, a side of frites and a pino grigio. Both men ordered the pork, stuffed with chorizo and a side of broccoli rabe.

The mussels were rich and luxurious. I plucked each mussel from its home, using an empty shell and scooped up the sauce. I dipped the frites into the sauce to sop it up, but still, the cream won and I collapsed, full, exhausted and licking the last of it off my fingers. It did not go to waste. After C had finished his pork, he grabbed the last of mine, leaving the bowl crystal clean and without need for washing. (If you know C, this is very much out of the ordinary.) D finished his portion as well, and enjoyed it so thoroughly that the southern boy in him craved it like a pregnant woman needing pickles tonight. And even though our refrigerator broke yesterday and we would not receive a replacement until tomorrow, D went out to the nearby grocery for the rabe, the Spanish deli for the chorizo, and we removed the thawing pork (purchased a few months back from Costco) for a delicious imitation of the original. Another meal I would soon collapse from, full, exhausted and licking my fingers.

Once the ingredients are purchased, the meal is quite simple to make, requires few ingredients, and takes at most 30 min (depending on the thickness of your pork). To be served with an ice cold glass of Jack and Coke.
Serving size: 2
2 pork chops (at least 1.5 inch thick)
2 chorizo links [chorizo is a Mexican sausage and should not be replaced with any American or Italian sausage. It is spicy and sweet and has a unique texture)
1 bushel broccoli rabe
1 small white onion
2 cloves garlic
salt/ pepper to taste

1) With a sharp knife, slit the pork chops along the edge, about 3/4 of the way through so you can later stuff it with the chorizo. Grind fresh pepper on each side to taste.
2) On a hot skillet, sear the pork chops. Use hot heat initially on both sides, then reduce the heat to allow cooking through. The idea is that searing keeps the juices in and the low heat slowly cooks the inside.
3) While this is cooking, slice the onion and place in a small, warm skillet for 5 min. Cut the ends off the chorizo links and push the meat out of the casing, into the skillet. Allow to cook about 10 min, stirring to ensure even cooking.
4) While the chorizo is cooking, enjoy its' sweet smell and keep watch of the chops. It is important to cook pork all the way through. You want it to turn a white hue and lose all pink. Do not get overzealous and cook too quickly, this will dry the pork out.
5) When the pork is almost done, put an ample dab of butter into a pot. Once melted, add the broccoli rabe, cover, and allow to wilt, about 10 min add kosher salt to taste.
6) While the broccoli is cooking, the pork should be close to done. Stuff the pork with chorizo. Whatever cannot be stuffed inside, put on top and around in the skillet. Cover, and cook for about 5 min. The chorizo will begin to sizzle and begin to blacken.
7) Remove, serve and prepare to lick your fingers and be thoroughly satisfied.

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