Thursday, April 13, 2006

The City Gardener #3

I know, I know... more food is shortly on the way. In the meantime, sprouts! Just oogle and ogle and goggle and boggle at the wonder that is Mother Nature. Who would have thunk a little "green house" effect could be so healthy in wooing the wee ones from the ground? And yet, here they come, on a race with destiny (otherwise known as my belly).

Arugula is well ahead of the pack. Each arugula is coming up glorious.
Radish a far cry in the rear. Like taking second place in a two man race.
And then there is Lollo. That red-headed leafy beauty who boggled the minds of so many previously. With that laissez-faire attitude of "maybe I will join the party, and maybe I won't."
All others have refused to join the party as of yet. But soon....

In other happy news: I have heard no "nay" from the landlords regarding my rooftop tomatoes. With a no answer I can only assume plant forth and prosper, no? This means no gray-haired grandmother's stealing my (tomato) bounty.

The City Gardener #2
The City Gardener

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