Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pomelo Salad (WHB/ WCB)

Oh sweet BBQ season. It means beaches, parks, potlucks and picnics. But what happens when you receive the dreaded request to, “just bring a side”? Your mind reels, palms sweat and hands twist into knots until…. Brilliance! Mother’s famous potato salad will be made! You arrive at your potluck/BBQ and realize it seems everybody had a similar mother with the same inclination towards potato salad. And now you must try everyone’s potatoes and tell them how subtly different they are:
“Oh, the hint of chipotle and mustard in this one is interesting.”
“Mmm, mint? That’s my favorite.”
“An interesting use of vinegar.” [Code for too much]
“Wow, another potato salad?”

Feel free to use any of the above. I remember my family always did something “different.” We brought a fruit salad. And since you can never go wrong with too much fruit at the above mentioned functions, this was an all too easy crowd pleaser.

With tradition in mind, I have altered the usual fruit salad into something colorful, slightly unusual and extremely refreshing. It is great for a small budget and can be remade in variations of one’s choosing. It can be tossed (for a large quantity) or set precisely (as above).

For this recipe I used a pomelo, happy relative of the grapefruit. They are the largest citrus available; mine was just larger than a cantaloupe. Sweeter than a grapefruit, mine contained miniscule seeds that were easy to bypass and eat, making them quite enjoyable. Sliced up they are easier to consume. The dressing for this recipe is fabulously refreshing. It couples nicely with the fruit and makes an overall perfect addition to almost any summer salad.

Makes: 2 servings. Active Time= 8 minutes.
* 1 pomelo (or red grapefruit)
* 1 orange
* 4 radish
* 1 stick celery
* 4-5 leaves fresh mint
* 1 Tbl Tarragon vinegar
* 1 Tbl fresh lemon juice
* 2 Tbl fresh orange juice
* sea salt

1) Slice the skins off the pomelo and orange. Leave whole and cut into ¼-inch thick discs. Slice the radish paper-thin. Arrange on plate or toss in bowl.
2) Slice celery into slivers; toss over citrus. Tear mint leaves and toss over citrus.
3) Sprinkle sea salt over salad.
4) In a small container mix the vinegar, lemon juice and orange juice. Pour this dressing over salad just before eating; mixing well before applying to salad.

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