Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It has been a long, tough day. Actually, a long week. A crazed ceramic marathon (my other real joy) produced a fabulous bounty this Monday with a kiln full of handmade gifts . In the middle of all this came a birthday dinner (menu to come). But I thought I should write about today…
Awaking and relieved to be done with all things hectic, what more of a surprise could arise than a transit strike? And what is worse than calling into one’s part-time job only to find you are desperately needed? Possibly realizing it is 20 degrees outside. So what is more invigorating than a 5-mile bike ride in 20 degree weather? Following it up with the most decadent of meals after the remaining 5-miles home.
Caviar, otherwise known as decadence to a mere mortal.
Bad caviar is a heartbreaker so be sure to eat it immediately post-purchase. After a 10-mile bike ride into, and back from, Manhattan, D and I deserved a treat. We bought a moderate Champagne, and indulged our jell-o legs.
The last time I had good caviar was in Latvia. My local family led us to a Russian restaurant. My grandmother complained the whole way there, wondering why it was necessary we eat at a Russian establishment (I have nothing against Russians, it is history that does. Besides, I am 1⁄4 Russian!). Upon our arrival, vodka was ordered for the table (mind you, I did not have one sober day in Latvia). I suppose when you are blessed with 50F summers and formidable winters you tend to be a bit of a lush to keep warm. Regardless, I could not have been happier to see crepes with Caspian caviar on the menu—for about $5! I promise you now reader, I will drink all the vodka in the world if I could continue to eat caviar and crepes for $5 a day, everyday.
Tonight brought me back to that bulging red Caspian caviar. Bursting with flavor and salt. We ate them with the provided smoked salmon, crackers, avocado and Champagne. Fabulous. Delicious. Decadent. Bring on the transit strike—as long as your bring on the caviar!
I cannot offer a recipe for this menu. Crackers, smoked salmon, avocado, caviar and Champagne. Mix at will.

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