Thursday, March 01, 2007


My mother is an import/exporter of mostly dehydrated herbs and spices, though she is able to supply pretty much whatever her clients need. It is a great connection to have when I need say, a few vanilla beans and receive 15 shipped to me the next week. Or when a client needs a small sample of something and I receive the leftover samples (like a pound of shredded almonds).

She goes to most food shows around the country and when they are in NYC, I am often found milling about the aisles at the Javitz Center, making up some story about what my clients are looking for in ice cream or olive oil: “Can I try your organic mint now?” or “My people will love this! Do you have samples on hand?”

My mother often does the above for me, but in full disclosure. If she sees a product she thinks I will enjoy, she tells the supplier her daughter has a food blog and should be sent samples to review. Many shoo her away, but every so often, I receive a mystery box of product in the mail.

A few months back a very large mystery box arrived. Inside was containers of Paul Dupre Wine Reductions. I received 750 ml bottles of Chablis, Burgundy, Port and Sweet Masala reductions, tons of sample sized packages and even recipe books on how to use them. I keep forgetting I have them so haven’t had the chance to put any to the test.

If you would like to receive some samples just let me know and I’ll ship it out. Email me (contact info at left) or provide your email in a comment and I’ll be in touch. It’s first come first serve, but I have about eight sample packets I put together, each contain about 3 samples of the four varieties and recipe books. I just ask that when you do use them, let me know how it goes!

More giveaways to come in the future so check back!

* Please understand that for this giveaway I can only send within the continental U.S.. Sorry!

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