Thursday, September 07, 2006

Top 5 Before You Die

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Pascal, over at Home Recipes, tagged me for the meme created by Traveler’s Lunchbox. Exciting, as this is my first meme. You can check out all the progress of this project in TL’s comments.

The subject is “Top 5 to Eat Before You Die” inspired by the BBC’s 50 things to eat before you die. Personally, many of the items on the BBC list appear to be more challenges than must-have food items. Leave it to the food bloggers of the world to create a more proper list. The “Top 5 Before You Die” is an attempt to highlight the delicacies of World cuisine, which seems to be getting more difficult (in a “pure” form) with the expansion of fusion foods.

I usually shy away from Top 5/ Top 10 lists because I have a hard time remembering enough of my “all time favorites” to assemble. This top 5 list almost seemed too easy, maybe my memories of food are greater than media. I am sure if I give myself more time to think this over the list would change [go on forever] so I’ll end it here. Everyone please feel free to add your own Top 5 in the comments, it would be interesting to keep this growing.

5) Something you have grown yourself.

4) Arabic Coffee from a street vendor in Beirut, preferably along the corniche.

3) Fresh Norwegian Shrimp caught that morning and eaten while boat watching along the Bergen harbor.

2) Warm Fresh-Plucked Peach seconds after it is pulled from the tree.

1) Latvian Pancakes. Preferably made with a grandmother’s delicate care. Chicken or beef-filled and served with sour cream and apple sauce

The last 5 on the list:
6) Alsacian ham “Pizza”
7) Kopp’s Custard in Milwaukee, WI. You can order it online and I have been daring myself to order the 10 pint minimum for years now.
8) Vienna Chicago-style Hot Dog at a Cubs game
9) Real Good (unpasteurized) Cheese
10) Fresh Crepe from a Parisian vendor, preferably lemon-sugar.

I am tagging the following bloggers for this meme:
Riana in southern France
Cate in New Jersey
Dylan in LA, CA
Boo Licious in Malaysia
Jennifer in Spokane

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