Sunday, November 06, 2005

Party Leftovers

Last weekend there was a grand "Autumnal Fiesta" at my home. The people were fabulous, conversation was grand, and the food...succulent. As we all know, any party is only as good as the above mentioned. But, as with any properly planned party, there were leftovers. Many leftovers. In fact, we are still eating our way through the leftovers (so if anyone would like to come over and partake in the leftovers, you are welcome).

Here, a delicious Leftover Brunch Fritatta, the jist:
1) On a warm skillet, carmelize a small onion, when almost done, add mushroom and zucchini, cook for 5-10 min covered until zucchini is softand mushrooms are brown. 2) Add red pepper, fresh basil (4-5 large leaves), roasted pulled pork, sprinkle of cumin, pinch of cayenne, salt/pepper to taste, stir to distribute. 3) Beat 3 eggs with a little milk, pour over top. 4) Turn down heat and allow to cook SLOWLY (an overcooked egg is surely a faux-pas). 5) Stick it in the broiler for a crispy finish.

Here is another one. A lunch/ dinner item for you, though it looks rather grisly in the picture, it was good, and would have been better with a side of green vegetables if we had the time (we were off to a show and threw this together): Honey-Glazed Fried Chicken with Pomegranate.

As easy as it sounds, fry up some chicken, glaze with real honey, sprinkle with pomegranate. If you need a good batter for frying, let me know and it shall be provided. Oh, and here was the menu for the party, for all interested:

** Spiced Cheese Fondue. Served w/ pear, apple, potato, bread, fried mushrooms, turkey sausage, brussel sprouts, celery and carrots.
** Spicy Orange Hummus (a new recipe that was excellent), same dippers as above
** Asparagus Wrapped in Prochiuto
** Brie and Spinach Pastry Melt
** Cheese Platter
** David's "Winter Squash Fiesta"
** Pulled BBQ Pork on Pumperknickel
** Pumpkin Bread
** Dried Apricots Dipped in Dark Chocolate
** Mulled Wine

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