Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just Braise

Many of the food names I desired have long been snatched up-- and funny enough, many were "unavailable", yet I saw no blog at the site. So here it is: Braise. But why "Braise" out of all the other cooking words out there? Well, for one, braise is fun to say. Would you like it braised, baked or grilled? What does it mean anyway? Do you think people that say it know? Or do they say it to sound like a food snob? Or because it's French? Or plain fun to say? Let's say this is titled after someone I know. Someone who was ordering a salmon sandwich over the phone and this was the basic conversation I overheard:

"Hello, I would like to place an order."
"Delivery. Uh huh...[address provided]..."
"The Salmon Sandwich, please."
"Oh, well... just braised, of course."

The phone was hung up and when I could stop laughing I turned to C and asked, "Do you know what braised means?" The answer: "I don't know, my mom makes it that way"

So with this food blog I do not attempt to pass along esoteric food knowledge, difficult-to-prepare, or extremely lengthy food preparations (there may be the odd one or two). For the most part, I like to be able to pronounce what I am making (and assume you, dear reader, do as well). I like to whip something up, without spending all day in the kitchen (though some items will cook for a good part of the day in the kitchen). From time to time, I like to impress my friends with delicious dishes that they believe took forever to make and I can say, "Oh, it was nothing really. You are worth it." So with that, I leave the food to you...

Fast Basic Braise: Brown your meat, poultry or fish in hot fat. Add some tasty extra to the pot (chopped tomato, wine, veggie juice), lower heat and cover. Cook until meat is good and tender, complete with a delicious sauce accompaniment.

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